Charlotte Streets, Neighborhoods, and more

Welcome to Charlotte!

WelcomeToCLTLearn what makes this place tick and how to dig into Charlotte’s diversity. Don’t be a prisoner of your ZIP code. more >>

Globalizing Charlotte

sugarcreeksign125In the past 20 years entrepreneurs from around the globe have launched businesses in Charlotte. Explore the surprising swirl of cultures in these Salad Bowl Suburbs. more>>

Charlotte Books

sortingbook125Volumes that Tom Hanchett has had a hand in, plus a few other books that are especially useful. more>>

Food from Home

jamilaFood traditions are a yummy way to explore history and culture — both of longtime Charlotte-area residents and also the newcomers arriving from across the US and around the world. more>>

Neighborhood history around JCSU

jcsu_125Explore Charlotte’s Beatties Ford Road corridor. A chapter from the book Let There Be Light. more>>

Read house-by-house history of McCrorey Heights >>

Dig into the history of Oaklawn Park >>

Street Names

charlotteheader125Who was the “Sharon” in all those Sharon roads? Why isn’t Central central? What do Providence Road in southeast Charlotte, Steele Creek Road to the southwest, and Sugar Creek Road on the eastside have in common? And what’s the deal with Queens Road? more>>


#Black History CLT

The Charlotte area is rich in African American history. #BlackHistoryCLT lists notable leaders, struggles, places, and more related to #BlackHistory in Charlotte>>

History and architecture in Charlotte's older neighborhoods

hornetsnestTom Hanchett came to Charlotte in 1981 to research older neighborhoods for the Historic Landmarks Commission. Links to his studies of neighborhoods, architects, planners and more >>

Recorded in Charlotte

ccmstorycover125During the 1920s – 1940s, Charlotte was one of the South’s hot-spots for recording country and gospel music. more>>